We provides daily list of Newly Registered Domains with whois information containing Phone number, email & address etc. for just $80/month.

Each day you will receive Newly Registered Domains with whois informations. Each whois record will contain all parsed fields of the domain's WHOIS information along with it's contact details (domain_name, create_date, expiry_date, domain_registrar_name, registrant_name, registrant_company, registrant_address, registrant_city, registrant_state, registrant_zip, registrant_country, registrant_email, registrant_phone, registrant_fax) of the domain owner, whenever available. We also provide cleaned Whois Database of US, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Spain on daily basis. You also get instant access to database of previous 30 days when you subscribe. Over Millions of domains are registered every month, and with our service you can get vast amounts of data updated daily! Subscribe today for just $80/month.

The data provided below is daily list of Newly Registered Domains without whois database downloaded free of charge; except where otherwise stated, they may be reused, including for commercial purposes, without a license and without any payment. All lists are text files compressed with zip. We add new TLDs/gTLDs zones daily. We also provide the lists of ccTLD (country-code) domains.

Newly Registered Domains Free Download

Newly Registered Domains List(FREE) Count Creation Date Download Now
2021-01-20 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 160308 2021-01-21
2021-01-19 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 153363 2021-01-20
2021-01-18 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 98544 2021-01-19
2021-01-17 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 114496 2021-01-18

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New Features in Whois Database

WhoisDS is one of the leading WHOIS database provider of newly registered domains and bulk whois database, launch Full Cleaned WHOIS database of US, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Spain.

In the database mentioned above you get cleaned WHOIS Database of Newly Registered Domains on daily basis. All the data is updated in your panel, all you need to do is to just download the data from your panel using your credentials. In cleaned database we delete privacy protected domains, duplicate telephone numbers / emails & incorrect numbers (numbers less than actual digits of particular country) etc.

All the database (General & Cleaned) will be updated before 09.00 AM (IST). If you want any further information than you can use our online chat option, Our Technical Support & Sales staff is available from 08.30 AM to 12.30 AM (IST).

Cleaned Whois Database

List of Newly Registered Domains of December 2020

Date Database Name Global US Canada UK India France Germany Australia Brazil UAE
12/01/2020Newly Registered Domains134340526931599930322952208527551121839221
12/02/2020Newly Registered Domains1876047721925724320030662770254515331531231
12/03/2020Newly Registered Domains1886725566924191726328282136240212081356201
12/04/2020Newly Registered Domains1507285625018207494829112099196511181265213
12/05/2020Newly Registered Domains1522985699910552329929912420177419931144173
12/06/2020Newly Registered Domains1008984022697172550256613181217645873220
12/07/2020Newly Registered Domains851483572375871842208210101229682465217
12/08/2020Newly Registered Domains134338569371101827542872189717351010794243
12/09/2020Newly Registered Domains1878575217311855331930172077182311111436279
12/10/2020Newly Registered Domains1461016304712170302930412440212713551218232
12/11/2020Newly Registered Domains1939985506113960335429712096198610941222275
12/12/2020Newly Registered Domains2331596810913271249027741867172923801037194
12/13/2020Newly Registered Domains906953692386351848234110871133700634217
12/14/2020Newly Registered Domains853953674575282503214010681332651442231
12/15/2020Newly Registered Domains13864161185110532605288418231729997822278
12/16/2020Newly Registered Domains1408265430311341277432511957189513811346275
12/17/2020Newly Registered Domains124494468701183333872819193318478801128217
12/18/2020Newly Registered Domains492361571443312039108662964571236261
12/19/2020Newly Registered Domains2512009298921220976947792980324425051757367
12/20/2020Newly Registered Domains936204080486671798241010141208609657218
12/21/2020Newly Registered Domains90401424167863253421038931245803464223
12/22/2020Newly Registered Domains1076024693894482314272714721523696697245
12/23/2020Newly Registered Domains14396064402984230163069166719989231192274
12/24/2020Newly Registered Domains1152955467587182145299013351335789834251
12/25/2020Newly Registered Domains11847847876810028233242131012421860742221
12/26/2020Newly Registered Domains7735529549605910622622667979450322191
12/27/2020Newly Registered Domains71948298106250149924397841088372358151
12/28/2020Newly Registered Domains76949345207828177820798241234572451233
12/29/2020Newly Registered Domains1180924757696263077297414891726839793249
12/30/2020Newly Registered Domains120697483231058327793193140619888191121239
12/31/2020Newly Registered Domains12594551675163822936322412261830957883276

Features of Newly Regisered Domains

  • After subscribe you will get the WHOIS database of Newly Registered Domain names as daily downloads.
  • We monitore all major TLDs like .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .US, .BIZ, .XYZ, .ONLINE, .PRO, .ASIA, .TEL and all popular gTLDs.
  • We alos provides 30 Days Historical Whois Database when your subscription is active.
  • We provides data as country specific, TLD speccific, full database and Removal of Whois Privacy / Proxies
Fields of Newly Registered Domains