We provides daily list of Newly Registered Domains with whois information containing Phone number, email & address etc. for just $80/month.

Each day you will receive Newly Registered Domains with whois informations. Each whois record will contain all parsed fields of the domain's WHOIS information along with it's contact details (domain_name, create_date, expiry_date, domain_registrar_name, registrant_name, registrant_company, registrant_address, registrant_city, registrant_state, registrant_zip, registrant_country, registrant_email, registrant_phone, registrant_fax) of the domain owner, whenever available. We also provide cleaned Whois Database of US, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Spain on daily basis. You also get instant access to database of previous 30 days when you subscribe. Over Millions of domains are registered every month, and with our service you can get vast amounts of data updated daily! Subscribe today for just $80/month.

The data provided below is daily list of Newly Registered Domains without whois database downloaded free of charge; except where otherwise stated, they may be reused, including for commercial purposes, without a license and without any payment. All lists are text files compressed with zip. We add new TLDs/gTLDs zones daily. We also provide the lists of ccTLD (country-code) domains.

Newly Registered Domains Free Download

Newly Registered Domains List(FREE) Count Creation Date Download Now
2021-05-07 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 160183 2021-05-08
2021-05-06 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 96374 2021-05-07
2021-05-05 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 78325 2021-05-06
2021-05-04 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 88489 2021-05-05

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New Features in Whois Database

WhoisDS is one of the leading WHOIS database provider of newly registered domains and bulk whois database, launch Full Cleaned WHOIS database of US, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Spain.

In the database mentioned above you get cleaned WHOIS Database of Newly Registered Domains on daily basis. All the data is updated in your panel, all you need to do is to just download the data from your panel using your credentials. In cleaned database we delete privacy protected domains, duplicate telephone numbers / emails & incorrect numbers (numbers less than actual digits of particular country) etc.

All the database (General & Cleaned) will be updated before 09.00 AM (IST). If you want any further information than you can use our online chat option, Our Technical Support & Sales staff is available from 08.30 AM to 12.30 AM (IST).

Cleaned Whois Database

Newly Registered Domains Count of Last 30 Days

Date Database Name Global US Canada UK India France Germany Australia Brazil UAE
2021-05-07Newly Registered Domains1601846083912624318726942349241319841809245
2021-05-06Newly Registered Domains9637535199933224641637156016859931013183
2021-05-05Newly Registered Domains783263095178711742144312461260725543175
2021-05-04Newly Registered Domains8849034730844120352185102314175891008200
2021-05-03Newly Registered Domains126784472601612927482126188219958781318171
2021-05-02Newly Registered Domains1277045097511779293719362228185611921470212
2021-05-01Newly Registered Domains1345625126514118309321672032198612291595229
2021-04-30Newly Registered Domains1360055004413909291222231887188012271702250
2021-04-29Newly Registered Domains1223244684610876294223051936183218401393249
2021-04-28Newly Registered Domains93868368278242226218589261335660712332
2021-04-27Newly Registered Domains891723551981291574205090311495741001206
2021-04-26Newly Registered Domains1188715182212084249020441579189816691514247
2021-04-25Newly Registered Domains1403144751815941306921411708182111161242181
2021-04-24Newly Registered Domains1291574869510425280322371881217811571424220
2021-04-23Newly Registered Domains1304955082611036262321071915188812391718225
2021-04-22Newly Registered Domains1233765229110720301421071874215117501049282
2021-04-21Newly Registered Domains89979348548264221618089551460847681183
2021-04-20Newly Registered Domains886613859678131726202910741253611965171
2021-04-19Newly Registered Domains135947500351106725632186191720499281272149
2021-04-18Newly Registered Domains1345794989611749290923061951205724141375203
2021-04-17Newly Registered Domains1363595215111969297322732002193311081467194
2021-04-16Newly Registered Domains1415635274312220287023671956216412801756229
2021-04-15Newly Registered Domains1402975362011379291622922021214712721132234
2021-04-14Newly Registered Domains951253801580222044166912811432704711192
2021-04-13Newly Registered Domains8806336405796322201984116214356901001330
2021-04-12Newly Registered Domains1324355254211009282222481798183413221469154
2021-04-11Newly Registered Domains1402345379112735315224571716223611301450278
2021-04-10Newly Registered Domains1586875585915108399824222007251422211540278
2021-04-09Newly Registered Domains1450176034518417286623441999214810951734185
2021-04-08Newly Registered Domains116371474061462123962514123814959161225281
TOTAL COUNT363932414078653439927956664159500065490135360382896668

Features of Newly Regisered Domains

  • After subscribe you will get the WHOIS database of Newly Registered Domain names as daily downloads.
  • We monitore all major TLDs like .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .US, .BIZ, .XYZ, .ONLINE, .PRO, .ASIA, .TEL and all popular gTLDs.
  • We alos provides 30 Days Historical Whois Database when your subscription is active.
  • We provides data as country specific, TLD speccific, full database and Removal of Whois Privacy / Proxies
Fields of Newly Registered Domains