We provides daily list of Newly Registered Domains with whois information containing Phone number, email & address etc. for just $199/month.

Each day you will receive Newly Registered Domains with whois informations. Each whois record will contain all parsed fields of the domain's WHOIS information along with it's contact details (domain_name, create_date, expiry_date, domain_registrar_name, registrant_name, registrant_company, registrant_address, registrant_city, registrant_state, registrant_zip, registrant_country, registrant_email, registrant_phone, registrant_fax) of the domain owner, whenever available. We also provide cleaned Whois Database of US, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Spain on daily basis. You also get instant access to database of previous 10 days when you subscribe. Over Millions of domains are registered every month, and with our service you can get vast amounts of data updated daily! Subscribe today for just $199/month.

The data provided below is daily list of Newly Registered Domains without whois database downloaded free of charge; except where otherwise stated, they may be reused, including for commercial purposes, without a license and without any payment. All lists are text files compressed with zip. We add new TLDs/gTLDs zones daily. We also provide the lists of ccTLD (country-code) domains.

Newly Registered Domains Free Download

Newly Registered Domains List(FREE) Count Creation Date Download Now
2023-03-30 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 100000 2023-03-31
2023-03-29 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 100000 2023-03-30
2023-03-28 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 100000 2023-03-29
2023-03-27 [Only Domains, No Whois Data] 100000 2023-03-28

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Cleaned Whois Database

WhoisDS is one of the leading WHOIS database provider of newly registered domains and bulk whois database, launch Full Cleaned WHOIS database of US, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Spain.

In the database mentioned above you get cleaned WHOIS Database of Newly Registered Domains on daily basis. All the data is updated in your panel, all you need to do is to just download the data from your panel using your credentials. In cleaned database we delete privacy protected domains, duplicate telephone numbers / emails & incorrect numbers (numbers less than actual digits of particular country) etc.

All the database (General & Cleaned) will be updated before 09.00 AM (IST). If you want any further information than you can use our online chat option, Our Technical Support & Sales staff is available from 08.30 AM to 12.30 AM (IST).

Cleaned Whois Database

Newly Registered Domains Count of January-2023

Date Database Name Global US Canada UK India France Germany Australia Brazil UAE
2023-01-30Newly Registered Domains6151021765347658922829961624847161
2023-01-29Newly Registered Domains13086646944953715845487831202367129113
2023-01-28Newly Registered Domains1867848311116547324466919662076624393185
2023-01-27Newly Registered Domains1812428249017417319595617912255732988204
2023-01-26Newly Registered Domains1700745812612896245975011531777625959145
2023-01-25Newly Registered Domains1594987493016133309391918302161750737159
2023-01-24Newly Registered Domains10184328759107291473471961113646632899
2023-01-23Newly Registered Domains117235396801192616325839891123491413103
2023-01-22Newly Registered Domains1314194558512791176675010541261468717149
2023-01-21Newly Registered Domains28294613433930577584016763341339712531739234
2023-01-20Newly Registered Domains762732943647161161307430104142823580
2023-01-19Newly Registered Domains204007933271695839831119195921429961284218
2023-01-18Newly Registered Domains1993237763816245343487319672100878894157
2023-01-17Newly Registered Domains128051469371276922143969451521553385192
2023-01-16Newly Registered Domains1362223991312882199360110171359461617120
2023-01-15Newly Registered Domains1899518256615782341098017471881815923266
2023-01-14Newly Registered Domains1940777162017183330292919162186884952172
2023-01-13Newly Registered Domains2046568513417521517790719692232829979191
2023-01-12Newly Registered Domains203322823741769969821036216822438771106254
2023-01-11Newly Registered Domains2009118205017049523990918681997738839178
2023-01-10Newly Registered Domains131520554121238247684889481294457453205
2023-01-09Newly Registered Domains1378425366113020664471010891555397605203
2023-01-08Newly Registered Domains1816077565916809730188817971785637834150
2023-01-07Newly Registered Domains1820378688317505349787618842023688896185
2023-01-06Newly Registered Domains1838095596317565289597218161938740872158
2023-01-05Newly Registered Domains1708734906016962277489516652087666871146
2023-01-04Newly Registered Domains6195821657597282833157755766622568
2023-01-03Newly Registered Domains9671924486104561348476690806353154124
2023-01-02Newly Registered Domains11683642140185151303545684849328236109
2023-01-01Newly Registered Domains15400953744129851978104112701469520533121
TOTAL COUNT467742018253894330049510622829425735006918935207674749

Features of Newly Regisered Domains

  • After subscribe you will get the WHOIS database of Newly Registered Domain names as daily downloads.
  • We monitore all major TLDs like .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .US, .BIZ, .XYZ, .ONLINE, .PRO, .ASIA, .TEL and all popular gTLDs.
  • We alos provides 10 Days Historical Whois Database when your subscription is active.
  • We provides data as country specific, TLD speccific, full database and Removal of Whois Privacy / Proxies
  • In global database we provides cleaned WHOIS Database of US, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Spain
Fields of Newly Registered Domains